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Mar 12

Our Real Estate offerings specialize in high quality images of interiors and exteriors of buildings and surrounding land.  Whether you are a Real Estate agent in need of quality images for listings, or you are a home owner looking to show off your unique architecture, we can help. 

We cover appealing exterior shots to highlight beautiful buildings and landscaped property.  Kitchens, baths, cabinetry or family rooms are shown to their utmost with our wide-angle shots making viewers feel like they are actually there. 

To maximize exterior imagery, scissor lift rental is a definite plus to allow for fantastic shots showing buildings and property to their utmost. Images from this angle appeal to viewers because it is not a common viewing angle in-person, and allows for a fresher perspective.

Contact Us with specific details regarding location and specific needs, and we will build a quote to fit.

Real Estate Details

Photography fee - $50 per hour

Additional equipment fees and travel time fees also applicable based on location and images desired.

  • Travel fee - $0.35 per kilometer both directions
  • Scissor lift rentals can be arranged to ensure quality point of view imagery for ideal presentation of buildings and property. 

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